How push alerts can lead to ‘headline stress disorder’ and what to do about it.

The average smartphone user in the United States receives 46 app push notifications per day. Forty-six interruptions as we go about the business of being human. Working, caring, connecting, moving, resting. These micro-moments take our attention, our intention, and in many cases, our ability to think rationally and replace them…

The stress is real. Here are some ways to manage it.

For months now, organizations, groups and movements across the country have worked to encourage every eligible American to create and implement a voting plan amid COVID-19 complications. Text messages, mailers pile up on digital and physical surfaces: are you registered? Will you vote by mail? In person? Early? On Election…

Jennifer A. King

Mother. Social Work Educator. Therapist. Trauma-Informed. @drjenniferaking

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